We invite anyone to visit the dojo and attend class.

Aikido South is a small, informal dojo whose students focus their training on the body work of internal power and the application of internal movement into aikido. Classes are focused on internal power training, followed by application exercises, such as waza. The dojo is a member of the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) organization and the mat is open to anyone who wishes to train.

We recommend that prospective students arrange to observe a class and speak with the students and instructors. There is no charge for attending prospective classes. We often recommend probationary classes because the training methodology is both dissimilar to modern aikido classes, and difficult. We want to give a prospective student the opportunity to evaluate the training methods and outcomes without pressure to join the dojo. Prospective students should plan to  participate in class and may wear comfortable clothing (like athletic wear). The first few months of training are often difficult because you are making room in your schedule and your budget for training. We strongly recommend new students set a three-month goal of regular attendance to adjust to training.

Visiting students or students with aikido experience may join us on the mat in whatever training attire they prefer; we recommend athletic attire for most classes. We ask for a small mat fee ($10) to help keep up the dojo. T

Supporting the Dojo as a Member

Students who decide to join the dojo will fill out a Training Waiver with general information such as address, phone number, etc. and return the waiver along with the first month’s dues. The dojo offers convenient online payment options for dues. There is no term contract involved. Students may resign membership from the dojo at any time by simply giving thirty days notice. The training is difficult and we understand students may not make every class. As a member of the dojo, we rely on students to help support the finances of the dojo and support the events and training of the dojo.